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  • Broadbeach Property Styling

    Posted on April 09 2018

    Winners of House Rules Australia; Aaron and Daniella recently renovated a home in Broadbeach Waters. All the interior is from and styled by Bungalow Interiors. Walking through the front doors...

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  • One-off Antiques

    Posted on March 26 2018

    This week’s room of the week is featuring our new Indian hand carved mirrors to match the Indian hand carved console. Both of these pieces are one off antiques making...

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  • Room Of The Week - The Ultimate Sitting Room

    Posted on February 20 2018

    These beautiful leather wing back chairs paired with a cow hide ottoman create a luxury feel to this sitting room. If you are wanting to escape to a nice quite...

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  • Room of The Week

    Posted on February 02 2018

    This week’s room of the week has been hand-picked and styled by the girls at Bungalow Interiors. This bohemian styled room creates the ultimate relaxation vibes. Having a white linen...

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  • Room of the Week

    Posted on January 23 2018

    This week’s room of the week is chosen by our Interior Designer and Design Assistants. We chose this room as it just had a fresh paint and panel walling installed...

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  • Simple Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Bedroom

    Posted on December 22 2017

    If your bedroom has started to feel boring, then you may need to make some changes that will refresh the room. Follow these four simple ways to add a touch...

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