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Step back in time with the exquisite Shanxi Elm 130 Year Wooden Bench - an extraordinary antique piece that carries the rich history of the past. Each bench is a true original, aged between 100 and 150 years, bearing witness to the passage of time and the stories of generations. With a classic and simple design, this remarkable bench showcases a smooth aged patina, a testament to over a century of use and craftsmanship.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: The Shanxi Elm Wooden Bench measures L 131cm x W 16cm x H 50cm, providing a charming and functional seating option for your home.
  • Material: Skillfully handcrafted from genuine elm wood, this antique bench embodies the enduring beauty and character of traditional woodworking techniques.
  • Age and Origin Tag: Each piece comes with a unique tag, proudly displaying the province of origin and the age of the bench, providing a fascinating insight into its historical significance.

    Please Note: Each Shanxi Elm Wooden Bench is a unique antique, and variations in appearance are part of its authenticity and beauty. Due to its age and history, it may show signs of wear and small imperfections, which add to its charm and character.Preserve the legacy of the past. Explore the Shanxi Elm 130 Year Wooden Bench, a living piece of history, and embrace the artistry and culture of the ages.