Wonki Ware- Black Lace Collection

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Our Dinner plates are offered in 2 generous sizes and a great compliment to your dinnerware collection. The large plate is ideal as a Charger plate, a 12" Cake Plate and also perfect for serving cheese and crackers, crudités and desserts.

Wonki Ware is 100% hand-made where no less than 15 individuals are involved in the creation of every single piece. Irregularities in size, glaze and texture, reflect the various human touches instilled during the manufacturing process.

Wonki Ware is a collection that is meant to be mixed and matched. There are approximately 40 different patterns, which makes it impossible to supply a piece with a particular decorative design. The pattern you receive, may or may not be the one depicted in the image shown.

Beach Sand - This is an elegant finish where the plain wash has an unglazed edge